Lofo arrived at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary on the 10th of February 2016 after his mother was brutally killed by poachers. The 8-month-old calf was found in the Satara region of the Kruger National Park after roaming the bush alone for 5 days. Field rangers rescued the calf along with
veterinarian Dr Markus Hoffmeyer who attended to Lofo’s wounds. The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary team then collected Lofo from the Kruger National Park. He reached the sanctuary in terrible condition with a wound from a piece of wood that had pierced his front leg, and two deep cuts on his back from a machete, as the poachers attempted to break his spine!
He was dehydrated, stressed, and badly wounded! Due to shock, his temperature and blood glucose levels were very low. He was treated for the dehydration, given fluids, and his wounds were flushed and cleaned thoroughly by Petronel.

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary staff monitored him throughout the course of that night as his condition stabilised, and later that morning he began drinking milk from the bottle. He quickly settled into his new environment and as a result, his temperature and glucose levels returned to normal. It didn’t take long before Lofo was drinking milk on a regular basis!

With the help of Dr Ferreira du Plessis, Dr Nolene du Plessis and Dr Jan Louis Ras, Lofo’s wounds were treated and cleaned thoroughly and regularly (twice a week) to prevent infection. A big thank you to ER24, Globeflight, Umsini Healthcare and so many others for helping us with medical supplies.
Due to the wound on his back that did not heal properly, Lofo was forced to undergo surgery in order to remove dead bone from his spine area. The surgery was performed on Sunday the 3rd of April 2016 by Dr Nolene du Plessis, Dr Jan Louis Ras, Dr Ferreira du Plessis, and Dr Albertus Coetzee.
Lofo’s injuries, and the treatment he has received, have provided veterinarians with the opportunity to compile valuable research that will undoubtedly be useful to the future wellbeing of the species.
We are pleased to say that the operation was a major success, and Lofo was quickly back on his feet with his friends Don, Oz and Twinkle! Being social animals, it’s great to see how well the four of them have bonded to form their own herd (a crucial part of the rehabilitation and release process)!
Lofo appears to be thoroughly enjoying himself at the sanctuary, and relishes his time out in the fresh green grass! He looks like a happier, healthier rhino every day. He also enjoys his daily mud baths and naptimes with his best friend Twinkle.




South Africa / KwaZulu Natal

Victory Christian Academy caters for learners from preschool to Grade 12.  We are very aware of the importance of instilling character and values into our students from an early age and bringing up a generation of young people who will make a difference in every area of their lives lies at the heart of all we do.  The necessity for each one to develop a deep passion for taking care of our beautiful planet is very much a part of this development.
Our preschool has been achieving an Eco-Award from WESSA for the past five years.  A few examples of what we have achieved over this period are the following:
  • An active recycling programme.
  • A Solar geyzer and Astroturf, saving energy and water
  • An end-of-year concert emphasising the damage caused by plastic pollution and how we can change that.
  • Indigenous gardening and growing food.
  • The importance of insects and, in particular, the bee.
  • Outreaches to the community, including CROW.
  • The importance of taking care of all animals on the planet.
This year we are working hard to achieve our International Flag Status and we would love to make the OLLI# Joint Custody Rhino School Challenge a part of our portfolio.  We are holding a Heritage Day Event later in the year, where we are planning to raise awareness of the plight of the Rhino and we would also like to include this awareness as part of the theme for our end-of-year play.
V.C.A (Gr 4 to Gr 12) are also planning a number of events, one of them being a Talent Show, the theme being “Pride of Africa”. The classes are working with different mediums and subjects within the theme which will be a displayed at this event.
We have just held a colouring in competition in support of Care for Wild Africa (especially Lofo) and students have shown some creative talent.
We are excited that this is a challenge our whole school can work towards increasing wisdom and knowledge in the future generation upon whom so much depends. 
colouring in competition
colouring in competition 3
colouring in competition 2

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