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One Land Love It (OLLI) was established in 2015 and focused around the efforts of the Bolton family as they pursued their passion, being conservation, and tried to make a difference to the conservation landscape in particular that relating to rhinos. Using their own efforts as a way to lead through example they initiated two cycling expeditions over 2015/2016 and again in 2017 with 8000kms around South Africa being accomplished in 3 1/2 months - further details can be found below.


The purpose was to encourage ordinary people and corporates to collaborate as part of their #JointCustody.  Together we are stronger and indeed ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they only consider what their extra is and move with greater urgency from simply caring to actively doing!

Together we can make an impact on our conservation landscape, and ensure that future generations benefit from and contribute to our natural heritage - after all we have One Land - Love It!



WORLD RHINO DAY 2019 - #ollimove

22 September 2019 - Sunday


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Non Profit Company


In 2018 One Land Love It was formalised as a Non Profit Company (NPC) and Wayne and Nikki Bolton along with fellow conservationists and Board Members Dr Lyn Webb, Andrew Stewart, Dirk Groeneveld as well as the rest of the Olli Team continue in their efforts to provide opportunities for collaboration, to motivate and challenge responsible citizenship and to ensure that through their efforts conservation and anti poaching initiatives get the best support and encouragement possible.



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An overview of 2 expeditions set to the OLLI song written by Claire Venn, footage by Nikki Bolton, edited and expertly put together by Malcolm Ramsay

why the expeditions?



Wayne Bolton, founder of One Land Love It NPC, believes that our National Parks serve as the official custodian of the natural heritage of all South Africans, Africans and indeed, the international community. As a SANParks Honorary Ranger he has been involved in the official voluntary arm for 10 years and seen firsthand the critical role that our parks play. 


SANParks are doing a sterling job of exercising their mandate and the OLLI Team recognised this in the first expedition 2015/2016 which connected all 19 SANParks, cycling 6000kms around SA in 80 days by mountainbike.  Through the 2017 OLLI Frontier Rhino Ride, 2000kms in 1 month cycling from Nelson Mandela Bay through KwaZulu Natal to the Mozambique border, Wayne aimed to showcase the supportive role of our private game reserves and their invaluable contribution to South Africa's conservation landscape - he focused on a new frontier currently the target of the rhino poaching scourge.


However, the responsibility of preserving out wildlife, flora and fauna will always rest with us as humans, civilians and custodians.

Hence our slogan #jointcustody


It begs the question of each one of us:

“What have I ever done to contribute to 

the sustainability of my environment”?


On both expeditions Wayne's children cycled part of the route with him; and his wife, mother, father and father-in-law formed the support team emphasizing the message that the responsibility of our natural heritage is in the hands of all generations.  This is an ordinary family making a difference and leading by example.


By embarking on the One Land Love It Expeditions (#OLLI), Wayne hopes to have provided ordinary people with an opportunity to make such a contribution by supporting his efforts. Wayne physically and symbolically linked various parks around our country - 8000kms in total.  In so doing, he pointed to the fact that we form part of the chain with SANParks, private and provincial parks to protect our natural heritage. We can achieve synergy by working together.

The well-publicised slaughter of our Rhino is the thin edge of the wedge – if we don’t stop it now, the elephant and lion will follow (and indeed, are already).


We are at a tipping point and need to do something about it. We need to move with urgency from an attitude of caring to doing!


In the eternal and well-worn words of Edmund Burke:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”



#Joint custody

One of OLLI's hashtags is #JointCustody - on both expeditions Wayne's children cycled part of the route with him; and his wife, mother, father and father-in-law formed the support team emphasizing the message that the responsibility of our natural heritage is in the hands of all generations.


This is an ordinary family making a difference...

mimg6140 family with john
mimg4587 phinda wayne and laura
mdscf2505 kwandwe
mimg5798 wayne and daniel cycling
mimg5825 wayne and daniel
mimg6171 main shot
mimg8198 blue lagoon
mimg6019 catching the pic beachfront
dscf2490 great fish

By linking each South African National Park and

private parks across a route symbolising a new frontier

the Expeditions sOUGHT to symbolise our combined effort 

for conservation across the country –  

across all of South Africa’s colourful people.

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