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OLLI #JointCustody School Rhino Challenge

We are very excited about our #JointCustody School Challenge which gives schools a platform for showcase their environmental and conservation heart through their students work or initiatives.


We have selected 20 rhino calves from Care for Wild Africa – calves orphaned by the brutal poaching of their mothers.  In the spirit of #JointCustody we aim to partner schools nationally and internationally as they work together to raise awareness and funds for “their calf”.


We want our children to work together collaboratively, as a team … this generation working together for future generations.  In this case we will be supporting a credible organisation focused on rehabilitating and protecting a young rhino population.
How it works…


We will team your school with other schools (preferably in another province/country)

  • You can determine how involved you wish to become and we will send you various ideas and options
  • We will send you a video clip to motivate and inform the pupils
  • We will provide information / history on your rhino calf

We were so encouraged by our youth's commitment and desire to make a difference to our conservation landscape.
We should never underestimate the conviction and potential of our youth and we want to give them an opportunity to demonstrate this.  There is something profound in having our children working together to give these rhino calves a future and making sure that their own children get the privilege of seeing a rhino in the wild.
We cannot afford to do nothing – extinction cannot be our legacy!


To find out more about the OLLI School Challenge contact Nikki Bolton - nikki@oneland.co.za 

And follow our progress on School Campaign




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