Members of the public noticed a very young, female, white rhino calf running in the bush on her own near the Jock Safari Lodge and alerted the Kruger National Park Rangers. She is estimated to be around two months old. Witnesses say that the calf had been on her own for about 2-3 days. It is suspected that her mother had been killed by poachers. Kruger National Park Veterinarian, Dr. Peter buss was called in to rescue the calf, with the help of a helicopter.

The calf was stabilized and flown to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary to begin her rehabilitation on the 28th of November 2018. Everyone was grateful that this little calf was in good condition and had no wounds, a miracle considering the time alone in the bush.

Just hours after arriving at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, the little calf began drinking milk from a bottle. The next day her earplugs and blindfold were removed and she settled in to her new environment quickly. She was weighed and found to be a mere 82kg! She is drinking her milk every three hours, and sleeping well too. She has also been playing and running around in the ICU boma, enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. A perfect little baby rhino.

We are happy to report that Ribbon has bonded very well with one of the other orphaned rhinos, Lazuli. They are both drinking and growing well, spending the day grazing and napping under the trees.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this little calf’s rescue; Jock Safari Lodge staff, SANParks Kruger National Park’s rangers, helicopter pilot and veterinarians. We are proud to be part of this amazing group of people dedicated to saving the rhino, one baby at a time.


cotswold Primary school 

 Cotswold Primary School is a school built on the motto "Believe and Conquer". 
The school was founded in 1958 in a small shop with just two Grade 1 classes. Today we are a full primary school with over five-hundred learners. 
We work hard to ensure that our learners can go out into the world as mature, responsible citizens and we know that being aware of the environment and our impact on it, is of the utmost importance. We believe that through education and collaboration with "One Land Love It", we can conquer the threat of extinction of animals like the Rhinocerous as well as educate our learners on the importance of protecting the environment to ensure sustainability for future generations. 
We as a school, recognize our role in the fight against water pollution, air pollution, littering , water conservation, poaching, extinction and ultimately sustainability and we are of the belief that a person will protect only what they love and love only what they are taught. 
Together we know we can accomplish extraordinary feats.
At Cotswold Primary School we are joining together in partnership with OLLI to teach our learners of their responsibilty to protect the environment and thier natural heritage.We are striving to engage with communities through our learners and creating hope for the future. 

Olli school visit 

Hundreds of children from Cotswold Primary School met Wayne and OLLI  when he went to visit the school. 


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our rhino world's 

Grade one learners at Costwold Primary School were challenged to create a Rhino world. Their ideas were endless from rainbow wonderlands to dark caves, the Rhino's lived in magical lands and ate a wide variety of foods such as; cupcakes, lollypops, icecreams and even some healthy snacks such as apples and oranges. Each Rhino had many wonderful favorite colours and friends. Where would your Rhino live? 


Partners of the 'celebrating Women in conservation' campaign

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environmental crime hotline 0800 205 005 or the SAPS number 10111

Report any suspicious activities around wildlife!

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