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Grey was found by members of the public on the 15th of November close to Pretoriuskop camp in the Kruger National Park. Kally Ubisi, section ranger, called in the help of Don English and Dr Louis van Schalkwyk to assist in the rescue of the rhino calf. It was too dangerous for the Park’s officials to fly him to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary due to bad weather. There was heavy rain and thick fog making visibility very poor. They called in the CFW Rhino Sanctuary team to collect him at the Phabeni gate. The team had to cover the crate with canvas to protect and keep the little orphan warm when he arrived later that night. He was placed on drips and after 24hrs his condition picked up. He was then placed into a warm night-room and monitored for another day before being introduced to Zac and Jemu.
In mid-November, another orphan rhino, by the name of Spirit, was added to the group. The babies grew closer over the course of the week. On Thursday, the 24th November 2016, we moved the four baby orphans down to the big holding facility. Due to the severe drought, the condition of the babies was compromised even before their mothers’ death; they had no body reserves. At first, we were worried about one of the female orphans and we have since been monitoring them all, day and night. Together with this full-time monitoring, we are doing ground breaking research. We can happily report back that every day, all four orphaned baby rhinos are improving.




South Africa | Eastern Cape

Grey Junior School was the first school to commit to our OLLI #jointcustody School Rhino Challenge and we have been so encouraged by their enthusiasm to collaborate with OLLI and make a difference to our conservation landscape.  Grey symbolically launched the School Challenge on the 29th June 2017 from their Fun Day...
At Grey Junior School, our motto is, ‘Tria Juncto in Uno’ and we are committed towards providing our learners with a foundation that will strengthen their progress in academics, sport and arts and culture. Embedded in this philosophy of teaching the ‘whole child’ we are conscious of the important role we have towards our community and environment. To Wayne Bolton and his team, ‘One Land, Love It!’
Inspired by Wayne’s extra-ordinary efforts, Grey Junior School is in the process of setting up an eco-council. The aims of this council will be to:
  • Support Wayne on his incredible journey,
  • Reduce the carbon footprint at GJS,
  • Raise the levels of eco-consciousness of our learners and, through this,
  • Make a positive difference to the environment
We are confident that our, ‘Joint Custody’ of OLLI will provide our learners with a greater awareness of the responsibilities they have, leading them to become custodians of the future.
See Grey handing over OLLI / Grey posters to Mayor Trollip on World Rhino Day.
This was an opportunity for our children to make a statement and be realise that their opinions matter and their efforts acknowledged.
Signing the Scroll of Unity in Conservation
Grey Junior School Headmaster,Lyndsay Pearson, along with Mayor Trollip and representatives of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and East Cape Parks signed the Scroll of Unity in Conservation.  Grey represented our School Challenge participants in signing the scroll and along with teachers, students and a member of the OLLI Team, Melissa Farquhar (teacher) - placed a ring on Olli's horn.  This was symbolic of reclaiming our natural heritage and visibly showing our determination to protect this endangered species.

olli visits grey

Wayne Bolton with Grey pupils

mimg3605 copyjpg grey junior with gallery
mimg3606 copyjpg grey junior
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msave the rhino 2

olli at grey


launch of the Olli frontier rhino ride from grey

Wayne Bolton and Grey pupils cycle out from Grey just prior to the Olli Frontier Rhino Ride


grey and collegiate

Grey and Collegiate pupils collaboratively support the rhino orphan Grey in our School Challenge


The OLLI Team includes ex Grey and Collegiate pupils Daniel and Laura Bolton and Melissa Farquhar



South Africa | Eastern Cape


Collegiate Junior School has been built on the foundations of traditions spanning more than 140 years.  Our Vision is empowering our girls to be progressive and happy in an ever changing worldMission:  We aspire to provide a rich variety of learning experiences in a caring and secure child centred environment.  We aim to develop confidence, creativity, critical thinking, adaptability and resilience to enable the girls to reach their full potential.  We seek to work together to educate the whole child so that learning is enjoyable, success is celebrated and children feel valued.   The supporting pillars include the focus being on academic, sport, cultural and wellness aspects.  Our goal is to enable the girls to build character by embracing and modeling citizenship, responsibility, fairness, caring, trustworthiness and respect

Our vision is to maintain a caring and secure environment in which pupils may develop intellectually, socially, physically, culturally, emotionally and spiritually.  We provide a rich variety of learning experiences that will develop confidence, adaptability, responsibility, respect for self and others and ultimately prepare our girls for life in an ever-changing society.
Our Eco club was established in 2016 and is open to the girls from Grades 4 to 7.  They meet each Wednesday afternoon to engage in a range of activities, aimed at increasing the students’ sense of environmental responsibility.  Highlights include:

  • our fundraising efforts for Coaching for Conservation
  • our involvement with the Born Free Foundation at Shamwari
  • outreach work with Elukholweni Farm school
  • establishing our own vegetable garden at our school hostel

We are part of the internationally recognised Eco-Schools initiative through WESSA.  We are in the second year of this program and plan to continue to build upon last year’s achievements.  Collegiate Junior established an Eco committee in 2016, consisting of both parents and staff.  We created an Eco code:
At all times the Collegiate Junior staff, pupils and community will endeavor to:

  1. Become more aware of environmental issues and how we impact upon the environment.
  2. Promote recycling, reusing and reduction of waste.
  3. Be aware of our own electricity and water usage.
  4. Aim to lead healthy lives that do not harm the environment.

Collegiate Junior School is delighted to be involved in #jointcustody and wish Mr Wayne Bolton every success on his amazing fundraising journey!





See Collegiate pupils handing over their recycled OLLI badges to Mayor Trollip on World Rhino Day.

This was an opportunity for our children to make a statement and be realise that their opinions matter and their efforts acknowledged.

World Rhino Day


mcollegiate supports olli 2017
ava page 001
chloe page 001

wayne visits collegiate

mimg6499 collegiate mrs robinsn wayne olli sign and olli badge
mimg6501 collegiate mrs robinson olli sign
mimg6576 copy
mimg6517 collegiate middle

Collegiate environmental club

Raising funds by selling recycled bottle tops as OLLI badges...

mimg6569 copy
mimg6570 copy
mimg6572 copy
mimg6503 collegiate wayne speaking
mimg6533 collegiate with mrs robinson
mimg6539 collegiate
mimg6543 collegiate
mimg6547 collegiate fun shot
mimg6578 copy 1
mimg6578 copy
mimg6554 collegiate look what we made
mimg6573 copy
mimg6574 copy 1
mimg6578 copy 1

collegiate and grey

Collegiate and Grey pupils collaboratively support the orphaned rhino calf Grey in the School Challenge


The Olli Team includes ex Grey and Collegiate pupils Daniel and Laura Bolton and Melissa Farquhar


Partners of the 'celebrating Women in conservation' campaign

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environmental crime hotline 0800 205 005 or the SAPS number 10111

Report any suspicious activities around wildlife!

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