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“In the end, we will conserve only what we love,
we will love only what we understand
And we will understand only what we are taught.”
Baba Dioum – Senegalese Forester and Conservationist


With Covid 19 children will be facing a very different environment at school and at home, so how do we connect conservation in a positive way to education and provide some support in this challenging season with its new normal?


People are suffering and the integrity of our parks is at risk so we have considered how we can simultaneously lend support, educate and make a lasting difference to conservation.  We believe that through involvement with children in these communities we would be able to link education and conservation meaningfully at this difficult time.


One Land Love It, in collaboration with Addo Elephant National Park are preparing 2550 Care Packs for children in a community bordering on the park. Each pack will contain items of nutritional, functional and educational value.


Items will include an entertaining educational insert with a lesson related to conservation. We have water, oranges, recyclable sanitary pads for the High and Primary School girls, a treat (we are still trying to source more), soap and any other items that are donated.


Each pack will also contain a recyclable mask with animal print to further reinforce our message of taking care of our environment.

See OLLI Mask Making Project below.  We welcome further assistance!


We are especially intent on ensuring that each child has a meal. Companies are clearly inundated with requests for sponsorship in kind and we are finding it difficult to source the necessary food items for the Hope Pack which feeds a family of 4. We are relying on the public to assist us in making this happen...


The aim is for the contents of each child's pack to be the same. 


If you reside in Port Elizabeth in South Africa, you can drop off any of the items mentioned at Kingfisher FM (Walmer Main Road)

on Monday / Wednesday / Friday.

Donations are also very welcome (see link at the top of the page) or food vouchers with which we will purchase the necessary items.

Alternatively you can purchase the relevant items through the OLLI Shop (see Menu for further details).


Share what we are doing with others, help us to network and connect with the right people.


We appreciate any support!

nutritional packs


Specific items required include:

Packets of soupr powder / Stock cubes

Lentils / Soup mix / Rice





1 Packet Soup Powder

1 Stock Cube

1/2 cup Rice

1/2 cup Lentils

1/2 cup Soup Mix


 Sealed  ziploc type packet with directions

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Our goal is to positively connect conservation to education and provide some support to children in these challenging times by leading through example.  It has been wonderful to see people getting involved in various ways, using their talents and skills to make a difference and move from caring to doing!

An area of concern that was identified was the shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the children. It would be easy to procure cheap masks but it did not make sense to give the children a mask that would not have long term value.  We need recyclable, washable, safe masks and better still ones made with animal print to further enforce the message of conservation.


None of the OLLI Team are Sewers and the idea of finding people prepared to sew 2550 by mid August was quite daunting. Hearing about a local doctor, Dr Lizette Owen, who was sewing masks and just handing them out to people, gave us some hope and we made a call hoping she would be keen to assist.  Her enthusiastic investment to what then became the OLLI Mask Making Project was just the beginning of a demonstration of many individuals showing real concern and commitment to helping us to reach this goal.


Many people are now working or making masks as their income and yet they have selflessly given their time, talent and generally covered the costs of the material themselves.


Shout out to...

Lizette Owen, Zelna, Wendy, Glen, Sandy Maynier, Pamela Paton, Sandra Cronje, Nicky Greener, Mari Venables, Roselle Naidoo, Lisa, Devi, Sam, Margaret, Marlene, Sue and all the new Cutters that have just come on board to get the masks prepped for sewing.

We now have a Project Leader, Cindy Naidoo, who has willingly given her time to not only make masks but to very competently coordinate the progress. We still have a way to go and welcome Sewers and Cutters to join us in making sure these children are adequately protected and can feel proud walking around with a mask that has meaningful connection.


If you would like to assist by sponsoring material or sewing masks please contact or phone +27 83 642 2374



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We are very excited that some ladies having heard about the OLLI Care Packs have started knitting beanies for the children. 


If anyone would like to contribute they are welcome to contact or +27 83 642 2374 


thank you...

We are most grateful to all those who have or are or plan to join us in this project.

Relating to what Baba Dioum said, we want to create a love for nature and an understanding of its value and this comes through education. These are challenging times and we ascribe to the idea that we should all consider what we have in our hands today that can change our world.

Collaboration is key #JointCustody and we are looking for like-minded support as we get people to move from caring to doing!
Together we can nourish tummies and nourish minds!



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